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I craft end-to-end solution-oriented experiences
I'm an experience and interface designer, situated in Bangalore.

Hey! I'm Aditi Bathija.

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Let's talk design!


My Design Journey


Discovering Design 


I didn't know what design was...


B.Des in Interaction Design


I picked interaction design be...


Working at Tacit


My whole perspective change...


M.Des in Experience Design


I wanted to dive deeper into ...

My Work

Working at Tacit Design Studio

I worked here for about 2 years. My whole perspective on design changed once i started working. Here , I worked on multiple projects:

  • Aastrika Sphere(A learning platform for healthcare workers)

  • Brand guidelines for Aastirka

  • Revamping Aastrika foundation and midwifery center's websites

  • Bangalore Steiner school's web design

A b2b solution for "What if Google had a platform to streamline hiring?"

Our solution aims to be a customizable, well integrated, flexible and easy to use platform to streamline the hiring process.

The scope of this project is limited to solving for the team manager when a vacancy arises.


Designing a tribute website for Miley Ray Cyrus

In this design project, I explored finding a new, fresh, and interactive way to display information on a site.


To venture beyond traditional designs that are seen being used in the majority of websites today.

Designing Information Architecture for a Student Social Hub

In this project, we aimed to develop a detailed information architecture(IA) for a new idea: a social hub for the students of School of Design(run by students.

We explored different ways to bring in "delight" to the IA.

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